Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Valentine art and introducing the D'oh-Nut

A clever customer asked us to create a Donut Pizza in the image of Homer Simpson. Who are we to refuse such a request? Witness the birth of the D'oh-nut Pizza. This Homer-sized donut comes in a 14" pizza box. Order your D'oh-nut Pizza today by calling the Psycho Nurse on Duty at 408-378-4540; You can also order a donut pizza with a wide array of toppings - as many as four toppings on one donut pizza. They make a great birthday present and an unlikely conversation piece!

The artwork is rolling in as we are 7 days away from TAINTED LOVE - a Psycho Valentine's Day Event! Come join us on Sunday, February 14. The demented activities begin at 10am!

You can go to Carmel and pay thousands for a Giclee (that's "Ghee-clay," not "Guy-Klee") in a hoity-toity gallery; or... you can spend as little as $40 and pick up original offbeat art at Psycho Donuts. Check out our off-kilter anti-valentine artwork - by amazing local artists like Christine Benjamin, Nic Caesar, Michelle Waters, Skip Crank, Lacey Bryant, and more.

We'll have one-of-a-kind donuts like you've never seen before. Try our Shot Through the Heart Donut, Heartbroken, or the ever-amusing, Blue Balls.

And don't forget about Psycho Karaoke, beginning at 10am with our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

For all the details, check our Facebook events page. We look forward to seeing you at Psycho Donuts!