Monday, February 15, 2010

Psycho Donuts - Almost a Toddler!

Tainted Love was CrAzY! Psycho Donuts was crowded all day long with donut lovers, karaoke lovers, and art lovers. It was an insane combination. If you took some killer pictures, please upload them to our Facebook page for all to see! A special thanks to Christine Benjamin and all of our Psycho artists. Also, the event would not be the same without our good friend Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke.

Mark your calendar for March 6 - for Psycho Donuts Birthday and Homecoming! Join us as Psycho celebrates it's first year of raging success. This crazy baby has sure seen its share of adventures in the past year! For starters, we'll have Psycho Karaoke in the morning, and a live afternoon performance by amazing Indie band, Picture Atlantic. Missing a Donut from Psycho Donuts past? As a Psycho homecoming event, we will receive visits from some of your favorite donut ghosts. Missing the Psycho Donut? How about Lightning Lemon? All your doughy friends will be there to reunite with your tummy. We'll soon be announcing some other surprises too!

In other news, we are considering a summer art show highlighting the work of artists who have endured their own experiences with mental health. Underneath the harmless fun that is Psycho Donuts, we know that mental illness is no laughing matter. And it's no coincidence that some amazing artists have an unfair share of this burden. Are you an artist that falls into this category? Send us an email with a link to some of your work! More details on this concept to follow.