Friday, January 29, 2010

Order your Psycho Love Box!

Psycho Donuts has something for all relationships this Valentine's Day.

Not in love? Don't miss a truly Sick love event! Come to our Tainted Love event on Feb 14 (see posting below for all the details). Check out some of the cool artwork for sale this Valentine's Day!

Crazy in love this Valentine's Day? Show how psycho in love you really are! Pre-order a Psycho Love Box. You'll get a Valentine's Day Box, filled with the Psycho donut of your choice. Choose your favorite Psycho, or a special Valentine's Day donut like "Shot Through the Heart," or "Blue Balls." Quantities are limited, so call ahead the old-fashioned way to order your Psycho Love Box today for only $7.95 (sorry distant friends, pickup only). Nurses standing by (and sometimes, just a voicemail box)... 408-378-4540.

Join Psycho Donuts this Valentine's Day. Whether you're in love or out of love, we've got something for you!