Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Monte Christ-D'oh!

Shipments of marshmallow peeps are arriving at the Psycho loading dock.  It must be time for Psych-Easter!  

Back by crazy demand, it’s the Monte Christ-D'oh! It's the one donut that could be equally enjoyed as part of your Easter feast, or as a Simpsons episode. This paradigm-changer is filled with fresh ham and swiss cheese, and topped with powdered sugar.  It’s a savory delight, with just a touch of sweetness.  

Rabbit Roadkill
You were expecting cute bunnies from Psycho Donuts? Rabbit Roadkill has seen better days. Jelly filling is oozing from his skid-marked ear. His swollen Donut-Hole eye gives him a pretty sad outlook... and though you may feel a pang of regret, you will eat him.  

Peep Show!
Our responsible Peeps can give you a lesson in managing your nest egg, with Peep Show. You’ll find our proactive peeps perched atop their Cadbury Easter Eggs, in their warm donuty nest - fashioned from raised donuts with maple icing and coconut. Before eating the eggs below, make sure to eat the Peep on top first - these peeps are known to protect their nest eggs at any cost!  

Psych-Easter at Psycho Donuts... ‘Donut’ miss them!  Starting March 26 at both Psycho Donuts locations.