Sunday, February 17, 2013

Donut Guy Turns 4

Psycho Donuts is turning 4 YEARS OLD!  Donut Guy has outgrown his toddler years, but he still gets lots of attention!

Help make Psycho Donuts the Best of The Metro!  Vote for us in the categories of Best Donuts and Best Desserts!

Fox News Magazine published Six of the Most Outrageous Donuts in America.  Guess which crazy donut shop was mentioned first?!  Psycho Donuts was also featured in a National donut shop line-up in Everyday With Rachael Ray.  Our Superbowl donuts, 49er Gold and Raven Roadkill, were featured on CBS National News.  Sure, Donut Guy may only be 4 years old, but the little guy sure gets around!

In honor of our 4th year, we have crazy festivities planned!  So mark your insane calendar and join us!

Psycho Homecoming Donuts
Starting February 28 through ??

The Psycho!
Each year, Chef Ron reanimates donutrocities from the Psycho Archives.  This year, we welcome the return of The Psycho – sweet, spicy, sour, and salty – all in a single bite.  A bold taste for adventurous tastebuds.

Donut Fries!
'Donut' miss the return of Crunch Hunch, the perfect chocoholic choice, topped with big chunks of Nestle's Crunch Bar on top.  

Psycho nurses still get requests for Lightning Lemon, which will also make a Homecoming appearance this year – tangy lemon on the inside and graham crackers on top.  

And... back by popular demand, it's the fantastical return of Donut Fries!  You've been asking, and donut fries will magically reappear during Psycho Homecoming.  Who knew that donuts come in a french fry form factor?!  Come and get 'em!

Rock 'n Roll Art Show - Psycho Campbell
Saturday, March 9.  12pm - 6pm

Musicians Kepi Ghoulie (of The Groovie Ghoulies) and Lucy Giles (of Dog Party) have teamed up with local artists – Gilbert Armendariz, Christine Benjamin and Dan Potthast – for a Rock and Rock themed art show at Psycho Campbell. 

Kepi and Dog Party will be playing awesome tunes live, in the padded cell! The show is free for all ages. Get all the details.

Psycho Karaoke - Psycho Campbell
Sunday, March 10.  10am – 2pm

It's been a while since Bruce Rogers of Korkaraoke has inflicted his unique karaoke stylings at Psycho Campbell.  Come and sing your crazy heart out with us!

If you've never performed morning karaoke... in a padded cell... in a donut shop... well, here's your chance!