Monday, November 1, 2010

Psycho Calendar Makes Weird News

Monica Garske has the insanely fun job of writing the "Weird" column for AOL. Whenever Psycho Donuts is 'strangely interesting' enough to intrigue the writer of a Weird column, it puts a smile on the Chief Psycho's face. And The 2011 Psycho Nurse 13-Month Calendar inspired Monica to write a Psycho Pstory! I guess that a 2011 calendar inspired by crazy antics of Psycho donut nurses, paranoid pastries, and demented original artwork is enough to attract the weird news. Big thanks to Monica for the article, and to Marc Arsenault of WowCool - creator of the Calendar.

The Psycho Calendar Launch Event!
Friday Nov 5, 7 - 9pm
Psycho Campbell and Psycho San Jose
If you're thinking about intriguing and unusual gifts for your friends this coming holiday season, the Psycho Calendar is a mandatory expenditure! This Friday night, November 5 - come to our Psycho Calendar Launch Event, from 7 - 9pm, at Psycho Campbell and Psycho San Jose. You'll pick up a calendar for only $9.99 (regularly $13), and you'll also receive a free donut with your purchase - not to mention over $66 worth of Psycho coupons inside the calendar! Have your calendar autographed by one of our Psycho Nurse models or artists! It might be worth $13.50 someday on Ebay! Or maybe it'll just be the coolest calendar you ever bought. And if you're not local but still want a Psycho Calendar, pick one up online!

If you're in San Jose this Friday night, check out the amazing artwalk that is South First Fridays! Psycho San Jose is giddy to be the newest member of South First Fridays. Stop by and check out the crazy artwork at Psycho San Jose this Friday night, November 5.
Halloween weekend was beyond crazy at Psycho Donuts. Did you catch our 2nd Annual Bobbing for Donuts Competition? Congrats to our winners, Jessica "Sprout" McCarthy and Martin Antolini. A big thanks to all of our competitors, and to our friends (roommates?) at ComedySportz - emcees for the crazy competition. And to the StarNectar BMX team, who turned the Psycho parking lot into a ramp for bike tricks.

Did you get your mouth on one of our Halloween donuts? We had the craziest green donuts of the year. Body part donuts, spider donuts, and more!

Cult Movie Thursdays at 9pm!

This Thursday night at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3, it's Pulp Fiction! Join us for another great cult movie, and see what kind of donuts the psychos are inspired to make for the occasion!