Sunday, November 14, 2010

Psycho Beer Psmoothies and Christmas Art Event

Psycho San Jose is manically operational and running psmoothly. And speaking of all things psmooth, we are giddy to announce our new Psycho Beer Psmoothie! What did you expect from us, a wine spritzer?!

The Psycho Beer Psmoothie combines beer, several members from the diverse lime family, and a few other crazy ingredients. The result is a
surprisingly smooth, almost-tropical taste that will psurprise you. Come try a Psycho Beer Psmoothie - only at Psycho San Jose!

Crazy things are happening at Psycho Campbell too! As the holiday season winds up, Psycho Donuts is insanely happy to announce our annual Christmas art event:

Have Yourself a Crazy Little Christmas!

Sunday, December 12; 10am - 2pm

Come check out original off-beat artwork for sale from super-talented local artists like Christine Benjamin, Deborah Barba, Carlos Villez, John Hageman, Sheri DeBow, Kurtis Rykovich, Lacey Bryant, Laura Collin Bennett, Michael Foley, Michelle Waters, Nicolas Caesar, and Christian Cinder - to name more than a few!

The art event coincides with our launch of Psycho Christmas Donut Series - Year 2. You'll see donuts from Psycho Christmas Past - who remembers Jingle Balls? What about Grandma's Revenge? You'll also meet some donuts from Psycho Christmas Future, who will make their crazy debut at the event.

And bring your crazy singing voice - because Bruce Rogers of Korkaoke will lead us through our favorite psychtivity - karaoke in the padded cell. Come join the fun at Psycho Donuts Campbell for Have Yourself a Crazy Little Christmas - Sunday, December 12, from 10am - 2pm.

The rumors are true. On Saturday night, The Flying Karamazov Brothers performed at the San Jose Rep. But what world renowned juggling act is complete without the obligatory juggling of a Dozen Psycho Donuts. While the Chief Psycho wasn't there to witness the spectacle, eyewitnesses report a box of Psycho Donuts exploding in mid-air. Kids, don't try this at home - but if you do, clean up before your parents find out!

And finally, our own Nurse Sholley was in an accident this weekend. We look forward to Sholley's imminent return to the Psycho Nursing Rounds soon, and a psuper pspeedy recovery!