Thursday, May 15, 2014

Psycho and Fanime

It's that time of year again, when the Psycho kitchen scrambles to keep up with the insatiable demands of Fanime-goers.  FanimeCon is Downtown San Jose's equivalent of Mardi Gras, and one of the largest Anime conventions in the country. If you've not been to Fanime, Psycho San Jose provides a great vantage point to watch all the fun; and that's because Psycho Donuts is a favorite stomping ground for Fanime lovers.

Just a couple blocks from the San Jose Convention Center, Psycho nurses and donuts will be turning Japanese, I really think so.  As always, we will be serving up Psycho Psushi – a happy bento box with fresh donut sushi and edible pocky chopsticks.

We are vibrating with manic excitement over the launch of Monster Pops, for Fanime 2014. Even the San Francisco Examiner is going wild.  What's a Monster Pop?   Early in their tumultuous lives, these infant chocolate cake monsters go through a metamorphosis – a dramatic change – which makes a caterpillar's journey seem trivial. These little monsters are thrown back into the mixer with butter cream and frosting, rolled into balls, and pierced with a popsicle stick.  It's a rough transition, and these poor creatures will never evolve into pretty butterflies.  Because at this point, they're dipped in a chocolate candy coating, and decorated as one of 16 familiar monster varieties. Special thanks to our Psycho cake decorator extraordinaire, Pam Smith, for adding her super-creative magic to the Psycho creative process. Pam is like a human 3D printer. She can turn sugar into anything, even wedding cakes. Did you know that we can make custom donut cakes?! Just sayin...

During Fanime, some of our 'traditional' donuts are also turning Japanese. Headbanger will morph into Yoshi Eggs, and our chocolate raised Jasonut becomes TotoroNut.  And then there's Deadpool...!

Watch for other crazy twists and turns during Fanime weekend, in Downtown San Jose, May 23 - 36.

And watch for our next Donut Pop announcement – which will be a much darker cousin of Monster Pops.