Monday, May 14, 2012

Psycho Psushi Pseason

Psycho Donuts launched Psycho Psushi last May - in conjunction with FanimeCon.  We figured that donut sushi, complete with a bento box and pocky chopsticks - might generate a little interest. We were taken off-guard by a line of 1,000 people, which literally wrapped around a downtown San Jose block for an entire weekend.

News of Psycho Psushi literally spread around the world, and fans have been patiently awaiting Psycho Psushi's imminent return.

This year's version of Psycho Psushi will include some new Psushi varieties.  Our Psushi bento box comes complete with Pocky chopstix (Pockstix?), and - new this year - Psycho Wasabi (green tea butter cream)!

Lesson learned... we'll be making a couple (as in a  couple thousand) more trays than last year!

Psycho @ Fanime?  You Betcha!

A team of our very best Field Nurses will be selling Psycho Psushi - on-site at the San Jose Convention Center - throughout Fanime.  Get your Psushi fix either at the convention center, or a couple blocks down San Carlos Street at Psycho San Jose.  You'll also find Psycho Psushi at Psycho Campbell!

Our Psycho Fanime booth will sell a variety of Psycho-worthy drinks, featuring unassuming titles such as  True Blood Beverage, Bawls, Bug Barf, Zombie Brain Juice, Duff, and Resident Evil T-Virus.  If you're coming to Fanime, stop by for a sushi bento, a crazy drink - and as always - a free square of stress-relieving bubble wrap!

So there ya have it.  Psycho Psushi Pseason is almost here!  Look for initial bento boxes in small doses the week of May 21.  The Psushi factory will crank into warp speed May 25 - 28, coincidentally overlapping the dates of Fanime.