Monday, October 11, 2010

Giants Donuts, Nurse Zombies, and Entrepreneur Magazine!

Psycho Fans - Nurse Johnette created 4 donuts in honor of the Giants Psycho Psuccess in the playoffs.

Bust a Posey, Lincey's Back, Feared Beard, and Panda-Monium. Come get a Giants donut
this week at Psycho Donuts Campbell and Psycho San Jose.

And pspeaking of Psycho San Jose - we'd like to welcome a couple of new Psycho Nurses. We'll recognize the others once we capture a psnapshot!
Please extend a Psycho welcome to Nurse Yllys, Nurse Erika, and Nurse Ben!

It's not easy being a Psycho Nurse in San Jose during October. Not only do you have to serve crazy donuts, make killer coffee drinks and serve beer and wine, you also need to add Psycho flair to your nursely image. Erika came as 'Nurse Chaplain' (which was mistaken by some to be Nurse Adolph).

And speaking of cool things at Psycho San Jose, this week's Cult Movie: The Man Who Fell To Earth. What an amazing movie, featuring David Bowie in his first starring film role. Based on the amazing sci-fi book by Walter Tevis, the movie was absolutely true to the book. Chief Psycho highly recommends this film. Check it out Thursday night, October 14 at 9pm at Psycho San Jose and Camera 3.

Lots of great things happening at the Psycho Mother Ship (PMS?) in Campbell too. Nurses Dylan and Fionna recently competed and won Best Zombie in The Zombie Crawl. If Nurse Dylan didn't shock you with her recent Lady Gaga antics, her putrified eye should upset you plenty.

Psycho continues to generate pspectacular press. Check the October issue of Entrepreneur for a full-page pfoto of Psycho insanity, or read the online version. MSN News on Main also covered the Psycho pstory. And check out Psycho Donuts listed in 365 Things To Do in Silicon Valley!

Hope to see you at Psycho Donuts soon!