Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2011 Psycho Nurse Calendar is coming!

The idea was simple... "Hey, we should do a calendar for 2011 with pictures of all the donuts and nurses." Easy, right? Wrong! But we're insanely proud - after 8 months in the making and countless photo shoots - The 2011 Psycho Nurse 13-Month Calendar has arrived. Well almost. You can pre-order yours now on, and be the first in your neighborhood to get one! You can also get one in person soon - from Psycho Donuts Campbell, and from our newest Psycho location in Downtown San Jose (coming Sept 17!).

This is seriously not like any other calendar. Produced by Marc Arsenault of WowCool®, the calendar accurately captures the unusual - and sometimes bizarre - nature of what Psycho Donuts is all about.

You'll see Psycho Nurses in their most interesting Nursely poses. Looking for a picture of zombie nurses? How about nurses wrapped in bubble wrap? We've got ya covered! You'll see donuts doing things they weren't supposed to do; Rockwell-esque images with a crazy twist that only Marc Arsenault could dream up. Psycho artwork galore, from artists such as Eric Joyner, Simon Gane, Christine Benjamin, Simon Salas, Ben Jackson, David Hartman, and many more. Learn about famous asylums with included Psycho factoids, and see when the most unusual VIP birthdays occur.

In 2011, you can get yourself another lame butterfly calendar, or you can pick up a calendar that will inspire your crazy side, month-after-month throughout 2011. The calendar even includes a bonus month of January 2012 - an apocalyptic, end-of-the world calendar moment!

All for only $13! Your $13 Psycho investment also comes with coupons worth at least five times the cost of the calendar, including coupons from Psycho Donuts (duh), ComedySportz, Camera 3 Theater, and more!