Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psycho Psurvey - vote for us now!

The Metro Newspaper is conducting their annual Best Of Awards. Help Make Psycho Donuts a winner again this year in three categories: Best Bakery, Best Desserts and Best Donuts. Cast your crazy vote now! While you're at it, put in a vote for our good friends at ComedySportz as the best comedy club too!

The Lady Gaga donuts are preparing for their worldwide debut - on Friday August 13. Our very own Lady Dada (er, Dylan?) took it upon herself to invent and inflict these crazy Gaga-inspired masterpieces upon the world. And everyone's excited. Well, almost everyone...

For starters, our good friend Strawberry from FM Movin 99.7 has been talking it up on the air and his blog. Check out his show if you're not already an avid listener. And our friends from NBC (KNTV) dropped by to check out the Gaga donuts this morning. Check out the segment about Psycho Donuts on Thursday morning, sometime between 5am - 7am (you've got nothing better to do, admit it!), or read their article.

Hmm, how to infect the Lady Gaga crew with some Gaga donuts...? Ms Gaga, if you're listening, we've got the donut for you! And Nurse Dylan will bring them to you personally!